Monday, December 23, 2013

Less means more.

More or less.





I forgot the presents!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The other bike.

The other bike - The Pacer. The new bike in background.

Sadly, I'm not yet head over heals with the new bike - The LHT. Why you may ask? It's not the bike, it's me. But we can work it out. We just need some time apart to figure things out.

Ever since moving to Japan 2 years ago, I've only had The Pacer to ride. It's a wonderful bike, fits me perfect. My body became used to the drop bar - go (relatively) fast - more aggressive style of riding on The Pacer that the flat bar - go slower - more relaxed style of riding on The LHT felt very foreign.

So I'm giving the new bike a little break and giving the other bike some love.

A sound upgrade.

Just about the time I was finishing up The LHT, I broke a spoke in the rear wheel on The Pacer.
It was a crappy wheel that came with the bike and because I had just spent a buttload of casholla on The LHT, I left it alone.

A couple months later, as I was wanting to get back on The Pacer, I came across a great deal online on a gently used Mavic wheel with a Dura-Ace hub. Nice. I've not had any high end parts on any of my bikes before except for nice tires. My favourite part about the new wheel is the sound it makes when I'm coasting. It sounds expensive.

Sorry WTB saddle. I misjudged you. Seat post, you are OK.

Because I wanted The LHT to be perfect, I moved the Brooks saddle and nice Nitto seat post over from The Pacer. I bought the saddle pictured as a temporary replacement. I'd used the same saddle before and knew it would do. But so far, after a couple of 2 plus hour rides, I'm surprised to say that the saddle works great. I think I've been giving the Brooks too much credit. Although if I had another one, it would go on The Pacer. For sure. 

Tama River river.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Some photos from some days

Advice to myself: If you're going to maintain a blog, try to keep it current and post regularly. 

People riding along the river trail as the sun is setting.

Hard to tell but I'm standing in front of a mirror. In the forest.
With my mouth slightly open so I can catch some tiny bugs.

Piggy back ride from sister cuz my hands are full.
We live on the 4th floor of the  building straight ahead.
She was carried up the stairs too.

Sunset on our balcony. We're lucky to be having some
beautiful sunny days so far this winter. 

Purchases from Japanese dollar store - a hundred yen shop.
Dollar stores in Japan are no joke. You can get some sweet stuff
for a buck. The charger cables are a bit shorter than the genuine thing
but work fine. And come in purple too.

Japanese people aren't too hot on hot sauces. No variety.
Most stores only carry tabasco.
This little fella was purchased at the dollar store too.
Never know what you can find there.

New bike. Another Surly. I've had it for about 2 months.
I finally have a bike that can use the tires a bought 2 years ago.
Best tires I've ever had on any bike ever. A bit expensive though.
The bars on it are waaaaay too wide.
Eventually I want to try it with drops and albatross.

Until next time.